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  • 36 Pack
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36 bottles of the most compact and effective alcohol detox on the planet. Prevent hangovers and alcohol flush with DHM (Oriental Raisin Tree/hovenia dulcis), Milk Thistle, B Complex, Amino Acids, and Magnesium.

2 ounce bottles. More active ingredients than any other product of its kind.

Great for bachelor(ette) parties, birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. Get it for your next party!

Eric Webb


Skeptic Turned Believer!
“Buy it! I was shown Before Elixir by a friend a few months ago, and have since gone from TOTAL skeptic to firm believer. I now drink one bottle before going out, and one bottle after.”

Debrah Karrat


I Swear By It
“My husband can't believe I continue to drink this "no name" product. I swear by it. Never a hang-over and when I was feeling sick, I drank this for an extra boost of vitamins and it worked!”

Kira Q.


Will Buy Again
“Bought these as presents for a family get-together. We tested them out and were happy to notice they significantly reduced facial flushing normally brought on by drinking alcohol.”

Will Pittman


The Best Hangover Cure I've Come Across
“BEFORE ELIXIR tastes great and is by far the most effective hangover cure I've come across! Milk thistle gives it a spicy taste and its not very sweet--all natural. Drank a bottle before some pretty aggressive boozy nights and felt surprisingly OK the next day. Even better results when I drank a 2nd bottle as a night-cap later in the evening! Highly recommend!”



Wish It Was Cheaper
“A little pricey, but they work and are effective. It definitely reduces my rednessand I feel better the next day.”



Love This Drink!
“Love this drink! My friends and I used Before Elixir this weekend before going out. It tasted delicious, and I was hangover free the next day! Try it, it will change your drinking experience.Add Description”

Amazon Customer


“My hangovers have gotten much worse with age. A friend recommended Before Elixir to me because she had great experiences with it. I'm so glad I finally tried it. It works like a charm! After a night of drinking and a couple Before Elixirs, I wake up headache free and with tons of energy. I also think it tastes good too. It's not amazing but certainly not bad at all.”

Elizabeth Baggot


Worked For Me Not For My Husband
“I bought a couple bottles to share with my husband (who also gets nasty hangovers). We drank roughly 3/4 of a bottle each and had very different experiences. I found that the stuff worked like a charm—I had 7+ hard drinks at the wedding and woke up the next morning with virtually no hangover symptoms... My husband, however, woke up with the worst hangover in recent memory. It's hard to say why our reactions were so different—maybe our body mass? If my husband had consumed an entire bottle (as recommended), I feel he may have had better results.”

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